Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Emir: Revisited 1 yr 2 mth

It has been a awhile since I posted anything except food..ahahha...this time I want to talk abot my other passion in life...My son Emir Effendy...I sometimes "malu2" if I dont't remember the names of friend's babies.....I hope they are not offended...but babies and the complexities of their names have increased over the years......So friends, I do apologize for forgetting your baby's name...This blog is just dedicated to friends who share the same problem...who don't remember my baby's name...

Its Emir....Emir Effendy bin Erwin Effendy ......hehehehe

Things you may want to know about him:
  • He is now 1 year and 2 months old
  • He's now 10.5 kg
  • He can walk (sort off)
  • He knows how to say "yah", "dada", "dah","nenen", "embak", "didi"
  • He can wink, give hi 5, "salam",wave bye-bye, climb on cabinet,stairs etc
  • He likes going up and down on the escalators
  • He engulfs about 6kg of powdered milk a month
  • He puts everything in his mouth, hence nicknamed "vacuum" by the nursery
  • He nods his head when his likes something and shakes his head if he disapproves
  • He likes to have what others are eating
  • He likes cats
  • He enjoy his warm bath with Daddy
  • He likes his daily dose of Scotts Emulsion Original
  • He dozes off when he is un the car
  • He sleeps all through the night (10 pm 'ish" to 6 am "ish")

Monday, April 20, 2009

Amateur cupcakes maker.......

Cupcakes, fondant, buttercream, sprinkles, gum paste,.... These are terms now commonly used in my home....yes, my wife is a "cupcake"oholic, she is so immersed in baking that she even dreams about baking....
I encourage this venture very much because she's very excited and passionate about baking cupcakes...and who knows she can make some money of it...she already have orders coming in... I do my best to support her by taking care of Emir, promoting her cupcakes and accompanying her on her ingredients shopping..and best of all i get to sample her cupcakes for FREE...hahahaha

These are some of her creations

The last Saturday started off with the family having mee sapi for breakfast.. Then we headed to India street to Tay Hak Hak store to buy some baking ingredient..while browsing around to our suprise my wife saw a Wilton fondant flower tool set:) Yoc see how happy she was:) she had to have one...i think that's the only one in Kuching... Guess what..we bought it...maybe i can buy my Wacom Bamboo next..wuhooo...