Sunday, August 23, 2009

Emir: 17 month

It is the month of Ramadan and I have a lot to be thankful for. Emir is getting bigger and heavier. He now can express emotions better, make choices, differentiate what he wants and what he does not want. For somebody who is 17 month, he is quite bossy. Give the name "Emir" what do you expect.

I like it when he wakes up in the morning. I know he wakes up early (earlier than his parents) but when he sees his parents still sleeping, he will continue to sleep. But when he is decides to wake up, he'll have this big smile for us almost like telling us 'GOOD MORNING PARENTS, WHAT A GOOD DAY TODAY" 'I AM HAPPY THAT YOU ARE HERE WITH ME IN BED".

He has more words in his vocabulary and mimics whatever we do or say. Sometimes he talks in a language he himself only knows and he is quite expressive. That is why we are extra careful of what we do and say in front of him. In fact, Anor and I even need to spell some of the word so that he won't know what we are talking about.
He can vacum, climb on chairs, run continuously and then when he decides that he is tired, he will come up to me and ask"embak" (carry me). He enjoys his "Vitagen" and cookies. Those are a few of the words he can say....vitagen and cookie....Heis my cookie monster...His apetite remains the same...voracius as ever.....(maybe it is genetics)...He also will stop playing if he hears the theme song from "The Nanny", TV3 theme song and "Crazy About a boy" by Dinah Washington. We have conluded that Emir is an old soul.....He likes oldies rather than contemporary......
My son does not like reptiles naturally, he does not like lizards frogs dinosaurs for some reason. He likes kids and babies and rubber duckies (in fact he has 4 rubber duckies joining him every time i give him a bath).
Discipline -wise, I guess he is like any othe 17 month boys. We try to instill discipline without being dictatorial, we try reasoning, persuasion and only raise our voices if he is really, really, really naughty, we are giving him "time outs"..but usually after a couple of minutes i'll give a big daddy hug and he will smile again....hahahhaha...can't be angry too long, he's my son
In 1 or 2 month he will be transferred to the toddler's section at his nursery. He'll hang with the big kids then. Maybe cousin Shaerman will be around too.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Proud of MyCupcakes

A good friend of Anor and I introduced a potential client to MyCupcakes. The client named R wanted to ask whether MyCupcakes could make 200 cuppies as door gifts to a wedding BINTULU. This the largest order ever for MyCupcakes....a real test to see of MyCupcakes is up to the challenges.

1st challenge: The number of cupcakes to be baked
2nd challenge: How to store them,
3rd challenge: Decorating them

Alhamdulillah, MyCupcakes was able to complete all the challenge superbly. Kudos and congrats to MyCupcakes....(all the late nights sacrificed...hmmmmm) sayang........but it is all worth it if you can view the pics below.

These are all the pictures from that single order.

If you want to see more cuppies please visit my wife's blog address.